How It Works

Super Teaching is a three screen whole brain learning system, installed in any class room learning mission. A patented software technology precisely manages “information” behind the live faculty to foster redundancy helping learner retention impossible to duplicate without the proven Super Teaching “pattern role”. The ST software managed pattern role moves information the live faculty instructor employs, from a document camera, a computer ( power point or other ), the internet – a plug and play device like an IPAD – a DVD ( built in ) – Distance and remote learning ( built in ) and virtually any input output source imaginable. The system elevates the live faculty to become the media star of the “theater of education”. At the host option a class room without walls can be advanced to permit monitors parents or remote participants access to the class at a click. All classes can be recorded for future library value to the host.

Super Teaching software manages variable patterns impossible for the brain the “learn”. The artificial intelligent software does all the work so the faculty member can focus on teaching. It takes five minutes to learn the few photo icon ‘s to become expert in operating the system. Teachers proceed with their existing lesson plan no change. Learners see their teacher on the three screens or variably on screens, along with the information moving around the screen real estate, and themselves but they never know WHEN they will appear on the screens making the learner interactive and a star for question answer and related appearances on the learning canvas of Super Teaching. Nature scenes rest the frontal lobes during the learning cycle at precise patterns proven to burst information to the cortex long term memory again impossible for faculty to achieve without technology assistance.

Sweeping patents we awarded by the USA Patent Office for Super Teaching in 2012. The technology has been tested in elementary to college level learning assignments over years of pre trails. Super Teaching is now being sold to outfit any class room seeking higher retention results for their learner groups. Super Teaching is an attractive project for grants and funding infusion to learning institutions.

Super Teaching is owned by CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL of Florida. CEO SPACE also owns the largest entrepreneur curriculum library ( THE ECL ) consisting of over 1000 modules of proven entrepreneur lesson plans focused on concept to market and sequences to develop any business model. As over half of all employment is presently Entrepreneur Self Employment in the Age of the Entrepreneur, the advanced curriculum studies plans offered by CEO SPACE may also be appealing to nations and learning institutions wishing to advance sustained economic development based on ever rising internal consumption planned on a strategic growth driver of elevated entrepreneur class in nation. Such a plan defeats unwanted boom bust cycles common to platforms lacking sustained entrepreneur class growth in nation due to superior education on topic.

Super Teaching performance gains are immediate for institutions upgrading their antique class rooms to the new GOLD  Super Teaching standard. The low cost which includes software and hardware for each class room system, appeals to educational planners. Learners and faculty are both excited when Super Teaching installations take place, improving the “anticipatory set” for learning. CEO SPACE believes Super Teaching qualified for Federal Title I funding in the USA – will become the model for future class room design for all class rooms.

Super Teaching works by improving performance for classroom learning using existing curriculum for any learning mission. Super Teaching is designed to elevate performance for learning by stimulating greater memory impression in more brain locations. 30 years of research continues to improve ST impact on learner performance. It takes no more than five minutes for instructors to master use of Super Teaching. No change for the educator is required in normal content delivery. Learners however receive a vastly improved learning experience inside Super Teaching outfitted class rooms. Higher Learning enjoy research and future publishing opportunities using Super Teaching as a never ending research platform. Medical schools may wish to expand on the damage brain recovery many past students in Super Teaching have reported ( reference on demand  to qualified customer accounts ).

The following sequence outlines ST in the classroom as a hypothetical visual modeling exercise:


  • Learners enter the classroom to classical music with different nature scenes on all three Super Teaching screens. ST cost can be offset by corporate sponsors with logo’s noting THIS SUPER TEACHING CLASS ROOM brought to you by ( name of financial corporate sponsor like say Google ) appearing briefly during walk in and exit for each class room cycle.
  • Education announcements, schedules and other events like gym rally’s can also appear at the start and stop of each class room learning event for all ST class rooms once an institution is fully ST upgraded.
  • Virtual learning communities can fully COLLABORATE using multiple ST class rooms seeing one another in a class room without walls by ST design. Learning committees can be remote all over the world or local to campus.
  • Software “pattern roll controlled by ST software” changes the image patterns appearing on all three screens. The pace is comfortable versus demanding. Because the brain can not learn the pattern the brain naturally pays more attention in an attempt to discover the pattern definition. This element is a secret sauce for Super Teaching performance gains.
  • Faculty push one picture  icon and their own image appears on all three screens to start each lesson period.
  • Software and ST controlled PATTERN ROLLS  rotate screen information to include faculty, random learners’ faces, nature scenes, and faculty data. Faculty data makes redundant impressions helping to elevate learner latent memory and retention.
  • Doc cams automatically sense faculty writing or presentation of material, focus, with interactive image patterns that vary the visual information to all three screens, as software continues to manage ST PATTERN ROLL to maximize whole brain learning. ST software integrates all digital plug and play systems into one classroom learning technology, and controls the multi-media, so the educator can focus on the learner without paying attention to the tech.
  • Faculty may, at an icon push, freeze the process, add in DVD, Distance Learning, the Internet, PowerPoint, VHS, CD, iPad or any support input information from any plug and play device. Live on-web demonstrations convey virtual tours of the system and are available. (Email Faculty may defeat the ST PROVEN PATTERN ROLL elevating learner retention to hold precise information on all three screens at will – and with one button return to the software managed ST learning utility.
  • Faculty may use interactive wireless pop quiz and learner feedback subroutines to employ ST’s proven three screen virtual “real estate” to present more student participation data and feedback in less time. Every objective of a computer lab area can be realized inside a Super Teaching classroom for less cost with higher test score results. Learner boxes can appear on the screens to identify every learner in class for individual grade review, comparison work, or interactive work at teacher election.
  • Faculty and students love ST and a positive attitude soars inside ST classrooms. Faculty maintains eye contact with learners and can teach: the tech invisibly, and via automation, supporting every step from Distant learning to faculty desired Multi-Media support when and where the faculty desires it. ST uses your content, not ours.
  • Super Teaching is easy to use. No faculty retraining or skill is required to operate the system. Existing lesson plans are used.
  • Learners retain more and performance gains occur immediately, as verified by research posted on this web site.
  • Up to 11 Learning disorders are virtually  normalized in the ST classroom – and school systems reduce special educational costs in their budgets. Learner  performance gains produce sustained revenue models to public schools in the USA.
  • ST Automation place faculty in greater control of the learning process. Faculty can preset, modify pacing, or override anything anytime with just a touch of the screen.
  • All ST systems are superior Distance Learning platforms using three screens versus two – with pattern rolls improving learner retention.
  • Class rooms without walls permit use of Super Teaching by program monitors, supervisors, or direct learner or parent access to ST class rooms at administration option.
  • ST class rooms can double as national control centers for law enforcement and first responders in time of natural disaster, bio events,  terror, or other needs to safe guard and protect community.
  • Learners are positioned into the information periodically without knowing when, such the learner anticipates they will star on the screens and pay more attention in that higher anticipatory set during the entire learning cycle.
  • There is zero over head for faculty and teachers report their student bodies required lower discipline and naturally pay more attention to ST outfitted class rooms.
  • ST adapts immediately to any culture language or global community.

Circulating information on this site by email to your education  decision team can lead to a fast track for purchase orders to install a pilot program of class room upgrades for your institution, typically drawing upon construction resources.

ST installations take one to two days performed by a local electrical contractor. Minimum site preparation is required. ST cost under 30,000 dollars  ( US ) per class room installation, with discounts for bulk and larger orders. Long term contracts for service and software updates are available. Shipping and installation are the buyer responsibility world wide. Super Teaching is a proprietary patent protect hardware software learning system whenever learning content is moved by software between multiple screens ( see US Patent and world patent filing protections ).

Super Teaching is now being sold to institutional, public and private education, corporate, military and government educational missions world wide.