ST Videos

Over the years a number of videos from K-12 to Higher education have been made by educators using Super Teaching. Students in the younger learner groups demonstrate their high regard for the improvements ST class rooms made to their performance in the class room outfitted with Super Teaching. Hawaii State supported early research on Super Teaching. The University of Alabama supported most recent improvements to the system, from 2007 to 2010 with our appreciation to both institutions for their long term research and vision related to modernizing class room DESIGN and LAYOUT. A growing number of educators embrace the notion that Super Teaching is best solution for future class room design, favoring learner groups steeped in visual learning cues. Pre wired brains adapted to visual learning perform better in class rooms modernized with Super Teaching. Super Teaching is a fifty year “click and mortar” technology. Title I funding and grantor funding compliment construction and bond funding to showcase and expand Super Teaching in your system. Super Teaching becomes a new resource for developing new funds for your instruction.