What Is Super Teaching?

Super Teaching is a three screen software automated information delivery system designed to help enhance learner retention in any class room mission. Super Teaching is mastered by faculty in only five minutes of training due to the icon simplified educator interface. Super Teaching class rooms move information around the three screens to create learner information  redundancy;  including images of the  live educators ( now the star of the theater of education for highly visual learners ) – the learners who appear on the screens  themselves and they never know WHEN  creating a unique interaction for the learner  - the content provided by the educator using their existing lesson plans no change – now made redundant to elevate whole brain impressions memory and retention – nature scenes to rest the brain to improve posting to cortex areas software managed from ST libraries proven to maximize the effect – and any plug and play input device from IPDAD to microscope including one click DISTANCE LEARNING using three versus two scenes with proven benefits. Super Teaching is patented globally.

Super Teaching employs three screens controlled by University of Alabama perfected software that operates behind the live teacher enhancing the impact of traditional content instruction. The educator requires zero adaptation to the new technology. In 2010 the University of Alabama released commercial utility of the UAH developed software which is owned by CEO SPACE International of Florida. . ST is Title I qualified technology. Faculty and students long term users ( on video’s on this site )  report high marks for the system in day-to-day applications for any range of subject material. All ST classrooms can record content and are security enhancing for instructions and all feature automated distance learning utility options.

Super Teaching class rooms can double as “control centers” for law enforcement when resource management is required to protect the public from natural disasters, terrorism, or other events.

Super Teaching outfitted classrooms, advance instruction through document camera information presented in variable patterns, using three screens ( or power point or any other input source ) as a brain suggested ideal for information posting to both cortex areas of the brain. Faculty supported by three screens operating behind them simply teach as normal and the excitement and pacing of the class room is accelerated for the learners.  The students appear on the three screens in patterns that are not learnable, mixed with the live instructor on screen who remains the star of the new theater of education, along with nature images that rest the brain and promote information deep posting. Instructor content appears redundantly providing more recording opportunities for later whole brain enhanced memory. The entire process is automated by University of Alabama perfected software code, open source, and available under low cost license purchase, per class room which includes all system hardware and software. Super Teaching is a public service 30 year research project.

Media conditioned learners find Super Teaching class rooms far more appealing to study within than traditional class room designs. A sharp advantage for the learner anticipatory set occurs when class rooms are outfitted with SUPER TEACHING. ( See learner videos on this web site ).

Super Teaching is owned by CEO Space International, Inc. at 3030 Starkey Blvd, New Port Richey, Florida 34655. Showcase demonstrations of Super Teaching are hosted at the Ravella, Lake Las Vegas, Henderson, Nevada five times a year. Dates appear under the class date tab at www.ceospaceinternational.com and on this web site.

Super Teaching equipped classrooms deliver content from existing lesson plans without modification. Super Teaching is content neutral and is being installed worldwide. Super Teaching is a proven mechanism to advance learning retention. UAH publishing is presenting data to confirm early test conclusions provided on this web site.

Contact Kim Burney assistant to the Chairman for exploration via video conference on our loop to open discussions on Super Teaching installations for your institution. Present pricing averages 30,000 dollars per installation with discounts for volume orders. Long term contracts for upgrades and service are available world wide. Purchase orders are available on this web site or those seeking more immediate delivery. Installations take approximately 120 days from accepted orders and site preparation.