What We Do

The Life Success Academy

LSA, INC. is a fifteen year old research firm, now delivering Super Teaching Systems to classrooms worldwide. LSA will provide grant contractors for your team use, experienced in developing resources for educational missions. Super Teaching is a qualified Title I technology with public school use from K-12 to higher education. Since 2000 Super Teaching has been use in USA public schools.

LSA features SHOW CASE adult Super Teaching demonstrations five times each year in Las Vegas, for small business owners using an MBA curriculum platform for the demonstration. Dates for future demonstrations for Super Teaching appear under “class dates” on this web site. Arrangements can also be made to see live in public school demonstrations as your team prefers.

Email kburney@ceospaceinc.com to arrange a video call meeting to discuss Super Teaching for your future class room layout and design needs. Funding for Super Teaching typically is derived from construction funds, and or new grant resources, or bond funding.

In May 2010, LSA completed work with the University of Alabama in design improvements for Super Teaching and intimated commercial release of the final product to institutions worldwide. Super Teaching is the first classroom model designed by the “brain” itself to improve memory and learner retention for all learner propensities.