Who We Are


CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL Inc a Florida Corporation and exclusively  owns the patents and rights to SUPER TEACHING world wide. Following a 35 year development work, that has included research with adults, teens and  younger learners, in the State of Hawaii, and at CEO SPACE events for 25 years, the technology evolved as the most consistent class room performance technology for modifying class room design. The three screen differential pattern role is highly specific to promote learner higher retention, is automated via software management,  and comprehensive to every faculty desired input or out put information source. Faculty teach their existing lesson plan in all culture and nations with a five minute total training time to expertly use Super Teaching once installed. CEO SPACE signed contracts via our divisional firms over the years, for longer term research trials, with the:

Salt Lake Community College during the Olympics in Salt Lake

Caledonia Elementary School for a five year trail between 2002 and 2007 – for K – 12 in Public Schools in Michigan State

University of Alabama – whose team helped develop the final software under a development cooperative venture ended by CEO SPACE with their administration changes – UAH uses Super Teaching permanently in day to day instruction under a license grant to the University.

University of Denver Business School – under a research contract.

CEO SPACE Is presently working with school district decision makers – various institutional, private, public, corporate, military and government leaders to install Super Teaching in class rooms everywhere in the world. International teams are engaged in on preliminary discussions which consume years of relationship time to associate Super Teaching with national agendas for public education. Following the election of 2012 CEO SPACE envisions America will  return  higher budgets versus budget cut backs for public education with CEO SPACE  anticipates  State and Federal decision makers will become increasingly aware of the value of SUPER TEACHING brings as an exciting educational tool to the  market space. Multiple screen information movement by software is protected by ST patents world wide when applied to class room learning.

In 2012 the Patent office issued sweeping protection for SUPER TEACHING to the great applause of the Kunzler law firm who worked on this single patent and its many sister patents for twelve years.