Why We Do It

Following years of research and development, Super Teaching has gained recognition as a “leading classroom design concept to modernize classroom learning.” The Super Teaching system is a new classroom approach that integrates “digital everything” into a single simplified system that works.

Recent studies from the University of Washington report that “new brains” now reaching the classroom are hard-wired differently than earlier, less media conditioned brains were. These new brains require new models of classroom pattern stimulation to learn normally.

New Brains as we refer to them ( born 1980 and after ) require different cue patterns to retain information delivered in both adult and younger age learning missions. ST has proven to be a significant “cue” model for new brain retention elevating performance for class room learning. The results not only appear in test scores but in new product introduction and performance in the work place or the military where learning missions are more critical.

We believe Super Teaching represents the most serious UPGRADE for future classroom design since the Middle Ages. Super Teaching is reaching private and public education via CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL  of new Port Richey, Florida. Ongoing research by a growing number of forward thinking classroom planners is now involving SUPER TEACHING to accelerate learner performance through UPGRADING classrooms to the Super Teaching Standard from K -12 to Higher Education. Discussions with corporate nations military as well as private and public education are engaging to install ST world wide following patent issue in 2012 by the USA Patent Authority.

For more information contact kburney@ceospaceinc.com. Super Teaching classroom design is the brain’s favorite way to record and to play back education. Faculty employs a new tool that makes each faculty member the star of their own “theater of education”. The Super Teaching classroom layout more correctly matches modern visual learners to the cues they anticipate to retain and to play back higher performance education output – suitable for all ages and learning styles.

Statement by Secretary Paige regarding testimony of Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan